Manchester Childrens Clinic (MCC) provides treatment of paediatric patients with medical and surgical needs in a safe and caring environment for children and young adults in Manchester. The Manchester Children’s Clinic is registered with the CQC: CRT1-3581738822 and is recognised by the majority of the medical insurances. In a friendly and professional environment tailored exclusively around children, a very qualified paediatric team will look after with passion the person that you love most, your child. The clinic provides outpatient consultations for paediatric surgical and urological conditions and day-case surgical procedures performed in a state of the art operating room.

Treatments & Conditions

Urinary incontinence in children
Urinary frequency and urinary accidents in children
Enuresis (bed wetting) in children and adolescents
Giggling incontinence

Circumcision and other treatments of phymosis (tight foreskin)
Hypospadias surgery
Inguinal hernia surgery
Hydrocele (PPV ligation)
Retractile testis Undescended testis (orchidopexy and laparoscopy)

Varicocele and many more


Mr Cervellione is the Medical Director of the Manchester Children’s Clinic.

He is an international recognised expert for genital and urological paediatric and adolescent reconstruction.

His main clinical interest is the Bladder Exstrophy Complex and Epispadias and he leads the Bladder Exstrophy Unit at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, one of the two commissioned centres for the treatment of this group of conditions in the U.K.

Mr Cervellione has 10 years consultant experience in the medical and surgical management of paediatric urological conditions.



The clinic is a purpose designed paediatric only medical facility based over 3 floors.

Reception & Consultation Room
Our ground floor consists of the general reception as well as the private consultation room and a comfortable waiting area. Wheelchair access is available throughout the entire facility.

Minor Procedure Unit (MPU) and Recovery Area
The MPU is a state of the art operating facility which allows our consultants to offer the best care for your child.

Ward Area
A modern and safe but friendly area with en-suit facilities designed exclusively for children where your child can fully recover before being discharged home.

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